Fast, SEO-friendly, Clean WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Theme of 2016: Minimalist, Responsive & SEO-friendly

The goal of this theme is to be the fastest, search engine optimized and content-focused WordPress theme in 2016. And of course, it’s responsive, which means that it looks perfect in mobile devices.


Best WordPress theme for best blogs?

As a blogger and a WordPress theme designer, I’ve always wanted to create the best WordPress theme for bloggers. But what does it mean to be the best theme? I guess, the answer is to support the best blogs. Therefore, we have to ask, what are the best blogs like? I have three points to respond to this question:

  1. Content is king. It’s an old saying, but still true in 2016. The whole point of a theme is to support the content, to make the content stand out, rather than fighting for attention against content for attention.
  2. It should be easy to access. It doesn’t make any sense that you have great content, but nobody can reach, which means that search engine optimization matters.
  3. No one likes to wait. Fast loading time is not only good for visitors, but also prefered by search engines, like Google.

For point one, I found my inspiration from Medium. Its minimalist design does make the content stand out. The success of Medium also proves this is a good strategy for blog layout.

For SEO, Yoast SEO plugin is a standard component for a blog now. Adding syntax to a theme can also help. Semantical and well-organized page structure is another advantage.

Increasing loading speed is tough subject for a theme, since themes are based on WordPress. Yet there are something we can do, like optimizing request number.

Beans theme framework: super fast and SEO-friendly

Beans Theme Framework
Beans Theme Framework

I’ve been working on these three topics for a while. Yes, I did make some progress, but not impressive enough. Fortunately, I met Beans framework, which is unbelievably fast. It chooses a totally different path from other theme frameworks and has some unique features, including combining all Javascript and CSS files into one of each, in order to minimize the request number. I was amazed by its loading speed. You can take a look at their homepage and feel the speed. This is one of the fastest WordPress website I’ve ever seen.

Moreover, Beans is created to be SEO friendly. Semantic page structure with syntax. Beans has done everything that I wanted to. There is only one thing left, the design. The default design of Beans framework is quite lean, but not minimalist enough. For example, I prefer to remove the sidebar, move the content to the center of the page and use larger featured images and content area. So why don’t I just build on the power of Beans. That’s the beauty of open source. Thus, I created a child theme for Beans:Zack theme, a minimalist child theme for Beans framework with 100% focus on content.

Fast, SEO-friendly, Clean WordPress Theme
Fast, SEO-friendly, Clean WordPress Theme

Feature List of Zack theme

  • Extremely fast
    • Compiles all assets into file(one Javascript file, one CSS file).
    • Loads only what it is needed on a per page basis.
  • SEO-friendly(Semantic design, syntax, etc).
  • Minimalist design to emphasis content, a Medium-like layout.
  • Integration with UIKit, a highly modulized front-end framework, which helps Beans to load minimal resource on a page.
  • Easy to maintain. Zack theme is separated from Beans framework, which allows Beans framework to update without breaking Zack theme.
  • Customizer support. Modify your WordPress website visually with Customizer settings.
  • Stable update. Both Zack theme and Beans framework update frequently to make sure your website is at best state.
  • More features to come. Check out our To Do list below and feel free to comment to request a feature.
  • Best customer support. We understand choosing a theme is a big decision for a website and it is important to have experts to help you when in troubles. It’s our goal to provide best customer support for our users. Email support, community forum and even IM support will be coming in no time. If you have any question now, just ask in the comment section below.

How to use Zack theme on your WordPress blog

Here is a nice video by Chris, demonstrating how to use Beans and its child theme:

  1. Download Beans Framework and upload it to your blog.
  2. Download Zack theme and upload it to your blog.
  3. Activate Zack Theme.
  4. Go to Appearance -> Settings, check “Compile all WordPress styles” and “Compile all WordPress scripts“.
  5. Start blogging!

Download from Github

To do: what to expect in the future of Zack theme

  1. A portfolio template will be added.
  2. Add more theme options and customizer settings. I’m not a fan of loads of options for a theme. It doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of time on figuring out how these options work, rather than creating great content for your blog. But adding several essential options is not a bad idea. What options should be added? Why don’t you telling me in the comment.

Minimalist Design

Who are using Zack theme

  1. NodeJust: Node.js Tutorials
  2. Swiftly iOS: Create iOS Apps with Swift
  3. NomadJour: Traveler’s blog

Hope you like this theme. Happy blogging.