Learn by Practice: JavaScript Programming for Absolute Beginners

This series is meant to teach you the basic of computer programming. It is designed for absolute beginners, which means you don’t any experience to get started.

Why should you learn programming?

AlphaGo is already here, how far away is AI? There is no doubt that we will be sharing the world with robots in the future. Shouldn’t you learn a bit of robot’s language? Computer programs are everywhere in our lives, from your smartphone to cars around you. You might not need to be a professional, but knowing how programs work would be a tremendous help for you to understand the world in 21st century and open a lot of new chances.

Learn by practice is the best way to learn

I believe the best way to learn is by doing. Only by practicing again and again, you make the knowledge yours. In this tutorial, you will be doing a lot of exercises to get yourself familiar with all the basic concepts of programming.

JavaScript Beginner Tutorials

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is among most popular programming languages. It is already in your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc). You can start to write computer programs without installing anything. It’s easy to begin with, yet powerful enough to create complex programs. You can learn most essential concepts of programming from JavaScript.

How to learn computer program

How to learn programming?

Here are some important points I would suggest for learning to program.

  1. Practicing: this is the most important thing of learning any technique. This Learn by Practice series is based on this point. You don’t have to practicing for two hours a day, but at least 15 – 30 minutes.
  2. Type the code, not copy and paste: we will show you lots of example codes and you have to type them by yourself. Some of them may seem easy to you, but we always miss the details by reading. Type all the code and you will be surprised by how many small mistakes you will make. This is the foundation you need to be a professional programmer.
  3. You don’t need to understand everything at the beginning: the world of programmers is extremely complex, it’s almost impossible for anyone to understand everything. For sure, there are a lot of things you can’t figure out why at the beginning. It’s okay. All you have to do is to get the main point of current chapter. As you keep learning, all the puzzles will be solved gradually. Just remember, keep learning, keep practicing.

Table of Content

  1. JavaScript 01: Your First Program console.log
  2. JavaScript 02: Popup Window with Alert
  3. JavaScript 03: Values and Variables in JavaScript
  4. JavaScript 04: True or False? Boolean Values in JavaScript