Web Apprentice

Learn in the real world like an apprentice

The Apprentice series is a series of textbooks for programmers. The philosophy of the series is as below:

This book does not teach. It shows you how it works in the real life.

You practice as an apprentice of a web programmer, which is what we believe the best way to learn.

It begins with the frontend developer field, which means HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Bootstrap, etc. And then moves on to backend(Node.js) and mobile(React Native) development. As you might have noticed, this is an JavaScripted oriented route. We believe it’s better to able to work with one language in as many different scenarios as possible. And JavaScript is powerful, easy to learn and most importantly, popular, which means there is a huge community of programmers in the same team with you.

Roadmap of the series:

  1. HTML Apprentice
  2. CSS Apprentice
  3. JavaScript Apprentice
  4. React.js Apprentice

1. HTML Apprentice