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Free Minimalist WordPress Theme for Blogging: Zack 2017

Have you ever wonder:

What makes a WordPress theme great for blogging?

Nowadays most themes come with tons of features, but do you really need them? I bet you don’t know every feature of your theme, because you never touch some of them or you just don’t know what these features are there for.

This is why I created this new theme: Zack theme. It’s a minimalist WordPress theme, for only one purpose, blogging, which means it values your content the most. Consider it as a paleo diet for your blog: it contains only things that are necessary. I remove all the fats that exist in other so called “full-featured” theme. You just want to blog, right?Read More


JavaScript Exercise 08: Switch Statement

In the last exercise, we’ve learn the if…else statement in JavaScript. Today, we are going to learn another conditional statement: the switch statement. The difference between if…else and switch statement is that switch is designed to handle more cases. Let’s take a look at the following example:
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Javascript Print Console.log

JavaScript Exercise 01, 02: Output

In this exercise, you will learn where to write your JavaScript code, the JavaScript console. And your first command: console.log().

Exercise 1.1. Where to write your JavaScript programs? Your browser!

One of the advantages of JavaScript is that you don’t need to install anything to begin with. It’s already in your browser. You can write programs directly in Google Chrome.
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